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Since 2015 we specialize in the sale of vaporizers and accessories not only in Poland, but also around the world. Our mission is always to provide the highest quality products and to ensure that every customer is satisfied with the transaction.

Thanks to business relations in hot CBD that we have built in Europe over the years, you can be sure of the lowest prices in Poland. Our CBD products are delivered from Germany, Poland and Switzerland, and vaporizers from Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. Flowrolls can also boast that it is the official distributor of American brands. This means that complaints are dealt with directly in Poland and it saves a lot of time and effort. Our logistics centers in Europe ensure that products to other European Union countries will also be delivered quickly.

If you have gained access to the Panel, you have become Flowrolls partners. We are always ready to help in legal and sales matters. For larger orders, we also provide marketing materials such as catalogs, banners, stickers and store displays. Our team specializes in sales, marketing and legal issues. For this reason, being our partners, you have our support at every stage.

In 2019, we were also able to sign a contract with the leasing company LeaseLink. As the first company in the world we can offer you CBD dried herbs and vaporizers in the leasing offer. It gives great comfort for entrepreneurs who want to invest in this type of products.

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