Vaporizers are handy devices used for smokeless inhalation of dried herbs, allowing maximum active substances to evaporate from the dried hemp. During the vaporization process, the dried material is heated to a sufficiently high temperature and does not burn, so that the steam from the vaporizer is free of tar. Aromatic vaporization with steam is a pleasant and healthy alternative to smoking, used for medical and recreational purposes.

Vaporizer shop
In our online shop we offer a wide range of top quality vaporizers, stationary and portable models. We offer vaporizers of proven brands such as Da Vinci, Boundless, Arizer, DynaVap, Fenix, Firefly, Storz & Bickel, Flowermate, Ghost Pax, Puffco, Sticky Brick, which are distinguished by easy use, failure-free and long life. Available in different colors and sizes. The offer includes vaporizers that use different heating systems such as convection, hybrid, conduction. In the condensation vaporizers, heating of the dried hemp takes place directly through the walls of the chamber, which provides great energy savings. This operating system is mainly used in small portable vaporizers. In turn, convection vaporizers heat the dried herbs. These types of inhalers provide quick heating, extraordinary performance and a rich taste of steam. They do not require fine grinding of the dried hemp. For the undecided, we recommend hybrid vaporizers combining conduction and convection. The combination is different in each model, which allows you to find a model tailored to your needs and expectations.
Advantages and disadvantages of vaporizers
Wondering if it’s worth buying a vaporizer? Let’s start with the advantages. The device heats a special herbal mixture or dried hemp at a much lower temperature than when it’s being smoked, you can be sure that it won’t burn and there will be no harmful tar substances. Evaporation during the vaporization of the dried hemp will eliminate the negative effects of the smoking process. The aromatic steam provides a spectrum of taste sensations. What is more, it is rich in sprayed terpenes and other active ingredients, has a delicate smell and is completely safe for health, especially for the lungs and esophagus. The vaporization used in aromatherapy, among other things, is an extremely efficient way of evaporating active substances from herbs and cannabinoids from dried hemp. With the same amount of dried cbd during one session of vaporization you will get a much better effect than during smoking. When choosing a portable electronic model you must remember to recharge the battery. Good vaporizers are expensive, but they are a profitable investment.
How a vaporizer works
Using the device is extremely easy. Simply insert the ground CBD or herbs into the heating chamber and set the desired temperature. After heating up the dried product, the vaporizer will inform you by means of a vibration or a light signal, after which you can start vaporization.
Portable vaporizers
Nowadays, they are very popular and nothing strange about it. Its owner can vaporize anywhere he wants. They provide full discretion, produce little visible steam instead of smoke. The offer includes portable electronic vaporizers and miniature models heated by the flame of a glow lighter. We also offer modern models, which you can control with a mobile application. They are comfortable and easy to use.
Stationary vaporizers
Stationary vaporizers are perfect solutions for people who want to use them mainly at home. Strong heating chambers provide inhalation efficiency, excellent quality and taste of steam. Connected to a fixed power source, they provide enormous efficiency even when inhaled strongly, several people can inhale in one session. Stationary models usually use convection heating, which is a hot air stream, which ensures excellent quality and taste of steam. The offer includes stationary vaporizers for inhalation by means of a hose or multifunctional inhalers for inhalation by means of a special steam balloon or hose. Stationary vaporizer is characterized by high power and extraordinary inhalation efficiency.
Which vaporizer to choose?
We have only original vaporizers, well-known manufacturers in the market and safe for health, with all certificates. The vaporizer should be suited to your needs, expectations and where you want to use it. If you want to use it at home, choose a stationary vaporizer. If you want discreet vaporization, choose a portable model anywhere. Consider how often you want to use it, whether it is to be discreet or whether you are the only one to use it. Remember, when choosing a vaporizer, do not only follow the price. The vaporizer heats up to a high temperature, so it must be made of high quality, safe materials. Make sure that the heating chamber is made of ceramic material. If you still do not know which vaporizer to choose, please contact us. Our team are passionate about their field and will be happy to help you find the best solution.
Accessories and spare parts for vaporizers
At Flowrolls we provide a wide range of accessories and spare parts for mobile and stationary vaporizers. Here you will find mills, electronic scales, cleaning accessories, mouthpieces, lighters, funnels, additional batteries, o-rings, screens, adapters and much more. Thanks to them you will be able to enjoy vaporization for a long time.

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