100% natural dried hemp CBD without any additives. The offer includes high quality flowers of different cannabis varieties (Cannabis Sativa L.). Dried cannabis CBD is made from fibrous cannabis, which, unlike cannabis, contains small amounts of THC and has no psychoactive effect (THC content below 0.2% of dry matter). It is a fully legal product in the European Union and, unlike medical cannabis, is available without a prescription.

In the Flowrolls store you will find several varieties of dried hemp such as Super Lemon Haze, Vanilla Kush, Cheese, OG Kush and Pineapple Express. The cannabis seeds on offer come from certified Swiss crops and vary in taste and smell depending on the variety. CBD is best used for vaporization. Inhalation with aromatic steam is used for relaxing and medical purposes. Due to its health effects, CBD vaporization is helpful for people suffering from cancer, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and various skin pains and problems. Dried hemp flowers are a rich source of CBD and other cannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp, as well as substances such as resins, wax, flavonoids, antioxidant terpenes or unsaturated fatty acids, which also have valuable health properties. We do not add artificial CBD isolate, our dried product contains naturally occurring phytocannabinoid levels – CBD levels below 5%. Naturally, fibrous hemp does not have higher concentrations. Dried hemp offered on the market with higher concentrations of CBD are artificially overstated.

CBD looks like marijuana, in case of police control, we recommend to store it in its original packaging with a QR code – after scanning it you will receive a current chemical analysis for a specific batch. We recommend that the dried cannabis be tested by a laboratory in Poland (verified by a court expert) as well as in Switzerland. Products in our shop come from certified seeds registered in the EU.

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