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Grinder Flowrolls 63mm 4 parts Black

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The Flowrolls grinder is made of the highest quality aluminum. It is a 4-part ergonomic grinder that was created after many years to finally provide the perfect combination of design and functionality. It can be said that it is a buyer of the Buy One For Life kind. It has a total of 28 blades that guarantee perfect grinding. In addition, 24 holes ensure that only the right amount of dried material falls into the third part of the grinder, which is a dense sieve. The task of the strainer is to pass only the smallest pollen into the lower tank. Collecting pollen is facilitated by the included spatula. The rare-earth neodymium magnet means that the upper parts are more permanently connected during grinding. The ultra-thin nylon gasket adds smoothness when rotating milling. The set also includes a pouch and cardboard box for grinders for users who more often produce with their grinder.There is a 3-year warranty on the mill.Diameter: 63mm, height 45mm.

Black, Green, Pink