Ispire Wand – DynaVap Adapter

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Enhance your DynaVap vaping experience with this convenient Glass Adapter, designed to seamlessly integrate with The Wand. This adapter is an essential accessory for any DynaVap user who seeks ease and efficiency in their vaping routine. This eliminates the need for constant swirling or searching for the correct angle, streamlining your vaping process. Simply place your device into the adapter, and you’re ready to go in just seconds.

Set includes:

1 x Silicone Sleeve: This component acts as a cushion and protector for your DynaVap device, ensuring it remains safe and secure during use.
1 x Glass Cup: The glass cup is the key element that holds the DynaVap device in place within The Wand’s heating ring, allowing for a quick and effective heating process.

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