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The PAX Mini is the most compact and efficient device yet, designed to elevate your flower sessions to new heights while maintaining ultimate portability. Experience the rich flavours and natural terpenes of your favourite flower without any harsh smoke or burnt taste.

Fast Heating for Flavourful Hits

With an impressive 22-second heat-up time, the PAX Mini delivers smooth, flavourful hits that highlight the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in your flower. Just pack it, power it, and puff it for a truly enjoyable experience.

Simplified Operation for Effortless Use

Featuring a one-button start, the PAX Mini is incredibly easy to use. Just press the button and let the device do the rest – from turn-on to vaporization in just 22 seconds.

Elegant and Ergonomic Design

The soft matte coating and rounded edges of the PAX Mini provide a comfortable grip and easy handling, making every session a pleasure to hold and hit.

Effortless Cleaning with New Oven Design

The PAX Mini’s innovative oven design, featuring an improved 3D screen, ensures quick and simple cleaning. Keeping your device in top condition has never been easier.

Ultra-Compact and Portable

The smallest PAX device yet, the Mini is pocket-sized with a magnetic oven lid to securely hold your flower while on-the-go. Take your flower sessions anywhere with this discreet and durable device.

Enjoy with Confidence

With a 2-year warranty, the PAX Mini offers the durability and peace of mind that comes with a reliable device. Elevate your flower sessions with the PAX Mini – the ultimate portable flower experience.


Onyx, Silver

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