Robatko Milk for daily care

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Milk for the daily skin care of children and adults with very

sensitive skin. Due to the natural recipe also suitable for

babies. Milk creates a protective coat on the skin, moisturizes rough,

dry skin with symptoms of eczema or diaper irritation. It’s easy to

spreads and absorbs quickly. Used after a bath, it perfectly softens

skin of the face and body.

EFFECT: moisturizing, softening the skin of the whole body, protection, soothing


CERTIFICATE: CPK – Certified natural cosmetics


• hemp oil – has anti-inflammatory, nourishing and regenerating properties

skin • panthenol – moisturizes, prevents epidermis keratosis, soothes


• shea butter – moisturizes, soothes irritations, softens the skin. Natural

filter for UV rays

• calendula – has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect,

suitable for the care of sensitive and delicate skin

• sage – has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties


150 ml

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