X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass

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Introducing the X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass, the latest innovation in hybrid vaporizers by Flowrolls. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass features an upgraded glass mouthpiece and a titanium heating chamber for enhanced performance and a truly unparalleled vaping experience.


The X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass boasts an advanced glass mouthpiece, providing a cooler and smoother vapor compared to traditional materials. This mouthpiece offers an amazing taste while preserving the purity of your favorite herbs and concentrates.

Complementing the glass mouthpiece, the titanium heating chamber ensures exceptional heat retention and durability.

Like the V3 Pro, The X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass operates in two modes: Session and On-Demand. The Session mode heats the chamber continuously throughout your session, while the On-Demand mode heats up only when the button is pressed. This energy-efficient mode is perfect for preserving battery life and enjoying smaller amounts of dry herb.

The X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass comes with a rechargeable and replaceable 18650 battery, enabling you to quickly swap out the battery and enjoy uninterrupted vaporization. A fully charged battery provides approximately 50 minutes of continuous use.


– Temperature range from 100 °C to 210 °C
– Two operating modes (On-demand and Session)
– Replaceable 18650 battery
– Glass mouthpiece
– Titanium heating chamber
– USB-C port for convenient charging

Package contents:

– X-Max V3 Pro Titanium Glass
– USB-C cable
– Insert for vaporizing concentrates and waxes
– Cleaning brush
– Titanium dry herb stirrer
– User manual

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