DynaVap VapCap heating chamber reductor from Flowrolls

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A heating chamber reducer designed for DynaVap vaporizers and manufactured by Flowrolls. The accessory is compatible with DynaVap VapCap vaporizers featuring the “adjust-a-bowl” function (from model M2020 upwards and Omni).

The reducer is made of titanium. It is inserted directly into the vaporizer’s heating chamber (with the narrowing facing up). The CCD screen is placed on the reducer, and it is pressed into place using a cap or condenser. Thanks to the reducer, the vaporizer’s heating chamber is reduced by about half!

Advantages of using the reducer:

Microdosing – With the reducer, the heating chamber of the device is significantly reduced. This works great for microdosing hemp material. The reduced chamber holds literally pharmaceutical amounts of ground material.

Better taste and savings – The small chamber ensures even lower consumption of our material (which in the case of DynaVap vaporizers was already small). Due to the smaller chamber, the content also lasts for a smaller number of heating cycles. More frequent material replacement in the chamber translates into a significant improvement in taste.

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