VapCap M 2020 Vaporizer

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Introducing the latest version of VapCap “M” 2020. This latest device is an improved edition of the famous manual vaporizers for heating dried herbs from the American company DynaVap. The vaporizer is perfect not only for connoisseurs and followers of the brand, but thanks to its intuitiveness and simple operation, also for beginners.

The device is failure-free as it does not contain any electronics. It works without batteries, just a lighter or a burner.

The dried herbs is heated, not burned.

VapCap “M” 2020 contains some exciting updates for a more immersive experience.

What’s new in version 2020?

VapCap “M” 2020 has now:

  • a functional Captive Cap geometry,
  • faceted toothed tip for perfect airflow,
  • chiral airports – for airflow calibration,
  • technology for the regulation of the extraction chamber (possibility to reduce it by up to 50% to facilitate microdose intake),
  • conical mouthpiece with 10 mm diameter,
  • increased adhesion (comfortable recesses in the middle),
  • the revised overlay,
  • 100% recyclable ecological packaging.

Thanks to the above solutions, the latest version of VapCap increases the quality of inhalation of your favorite herbal dryer.

VapCap “M” 2020

DynaVap has already got us used to the elegant and simple design of its VapCaps. The devices are discreet and small. The 2020 edition of the VapCap “M”, like its predecessors, is made of medical-grade stainless steel to provide a high quality and durable device at a reasonable price. In addition, the VapCap “M” 2020, like all VapCaps, is equipped with DynaVap’s patented temperature display cap. VapCap “M” 2020 is modular and compatible with other DynaVap products and components.

The total length of the VapCap is 92 mm.



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