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WoodWynd – a new, wooden vaporizer from DynaVap! DynaVap has long been synonymous with high-quality vaporizers that cater to enthusiasts around the world. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, the brand has, once again, hearkened back to its roots. The all-new WoodWynd vaporizer embodies the essence of DynaVap with its stunning wooden body, making it a standout model that many fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Main Features:


The stem of the WoodWynd is beautifully shaped, featuring an hourglass design using Padauk Hardwood for its midsection. Enhancing its durability and ensuring a secure connection are the Stainless Steel Crowns, which also make a tight fit for the tip and mouthpiece effortless. For users, the intuitive airport is strategically located at the waist of the stem, and the oval airport is meticulously designed for optimal airflow control, guaranteeing an unparalleled vaping experience.


The mouthpiece is a piece of art in itself, designed with a triple helix that mirrors the unique helix tip, bringing about a harmonious aesthetic. The o-ringless condenser is fuss-free, ensuring a secure snap into the mouthpiece without any hassle. Additionally, for those who want to enhance their experience, the WoodWynd can easily be paired with a 10mm water piece, given its non-tapered design.


DynaVap’s commitment to perfection is evident in the tip of the WoodWynd. The triple helix design significantly increases the surface area, ensuring minimized heat transfer to the stem. The chamber’s gold-colored treatment adds an element of elegance while boosting its durability and resistance against scratches. With thick chamber walls, users can expect an even roast without the concern of hot spots. The inclusion of three convection ports means every draw is perfectly quick and even in vapor extraction. And for enthusiasts who lean towards smaller doses, the easy-to-position CCD is perfect for half-bowl micro dosing.


WoodWynd is DynaVap’s first return to a wooden body in several years. This nostalgic touch is something that countless DynaVap enthusiasts have longed for, and it’s finally here.


1. What makes the WoodWynd different from other DynaVap products?
The WoodWynd is special because of its return to a wooden body, a feature not seen in recent DynaVap models. It combines the classic aesthetic with modern functionalities.

2. Is the WoodWynd compatible with other DynaVap accessories?
Yes, especially the 10mm water piece for the mouthpiece/condenser. A different tip or cap will also be compatible. It’s always best to check individual accessory compatibility.

3. Can I adjust the bowl size in the WoodWynd?
Absolutely! The WoodWynd’s CCD is designed to be easily positioned for half-bowl micro dosing.

4. How does the triple helix design benefit me?
The triple helix design in both the tip and the mouthpiece increases surface area, promoting even heating, reducing heat transfer, and providing an all-around enhanced vaping experience.

5. What is the purpose of the oval airport?
The oval airport is specifically designed for precise airflow control. This gives users the ability to customize their vaping experience to their liking.

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