X-Max Starry 4.0

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Discover the latest generation of vaporizers from the X-Max brand – the Starry 4.0 model, an enhanced version of the popular Starry 3.0 vaporizer. The X-Max Starry 4.0 offers advanced technology and user convenience, providing an even better vaporization experience.

Innovative Features for an Exceptional Experience

USB-C Charging: Modern USB-C port charging ensures quick and convenient device recharging.
Airflow Control: This feature allows you to adjust the intensity and density of the vapor to your personal preferences.
Use While Charging: The Starry 4.0 allows for vaporization even while charging, which is extremely practical.

Excellent Quality and Performance

Full Temperature Control: The temperature range from 100°C to 240°C allows for precise adjustments to different types of herbs.
Replaceable Battery: A 18650 battery with a capacity of 2550 mAh ensures up to 90 minutes of continuous operation.
Hybrid Heating: The Starry 4 combines convection and conduction heating methods, providing even heating of the material.
Ceramic Heating Chamber: Ensures a pure and intense flavor.

Convenient and Intuitive Operation

Clear OLED Display: Allows for easy reading of settings and device status.
Vibrational Notifications: Inform you when the device is ready to use.
Quick Heating: The device is ready to use in less than half a minute.

Kit Contents:

– Vaporizer
– Battery
– Concentrate adapter
– Spare screen
– Cleaning tools
– USB-C cable
– User manual

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