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FlipBrick Vaporizer Convection Butane Vaporizer is a small and excellent quality pipe-mounted device. It provides excellent quality of strong and withering pair, is easy to use and very discreet. It is small, there are no electronic mechanisms inside, which guarantees long and trouble-free operation.

Taste the rich taste

The secret of saturated and intense steam lies in the simple design and the highest quality materials that do not affect the value of calcium. The steam is as effective as with other convection vaporizers, but as a result of water filtration it is comfortably cooled and moisturized. With this solution, your inhalation will not only be more pleasant and gentle to the respiratory system, but also allows you to take in more amounts of calcium.

Simple operating principles

FlipBrick Vaporizer is a perfect proposition for water pipe enthusiasts. You don’t need to buy a special bong adapter. FlipBrick has a built-in, specially designed Glass-on-Glass connector, with which you can easily connect it to virtually any water pipe – bong or bubbler. The convective heating process, which is activated by means of an incandescent lighter, ensures instant action on demand. In a few seconds, the machine begins to produce very concentrated steam in large quantities.

After connecting the vaporizer to the water pipe, at the same time you draw on, you heat the lighter with air, which at the right temperature goes to the heating chamber and the process of obtaining active substances from herbs, which we obtain in the form of pure steam, begins. Consequently, we do not inhale smoke with unnecessary and toxic substances, but the maximum concentration of active substances, only those that we want to deliver to the body.

Bet on performance

The vaporizers of the American brand Sticky Brick LAB are characterized by very high efficiency. This is also the case with the FlipBrick model. It is very economical, after loading just 0.15 mg of plant charge you get a large amount of milky steam whose quality is unbeatable. A strong, very intense steam will definitely satisfy every connoisseur.

An important advantage of this small device is the fact that no electronic components were used in its production. Very simple structure and natural, safe for health materials make it one of the most durable and easiest to use vaporizers. The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty is proof of this. FlipBrick also requires virtually no maintenance or special storage conditions. Wooden elements are connected with strong magnets, so its operation is simple. The manufacturer masterfully eliminated from its construction all parts that could cause any problem to the user.

Beauty lies in simplicity

FlipBrick Vaporizer made of natural wood, equipped with glass tubes looks extremely elegant. Its simple form impresses and provides an adequate level of discretion. Already after the first inhalations you will easily learn how to use it and you will enjoy this enormous fun. It is also important that the price of FlipBrick is very competitive, and if we consider its reliability and performance, it can be said that it is one of the best vaporizers on the market.

Vaporization is an alternative for anyone who cannot imagine life without the benefits of using hemp or other dried plants. Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients from the herb, in the case of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC and many more. Thanks to that, the combustion process does not take place, thus we get rid of all tar substances. For this reason, our inhalation is much healthier. Another advantage of using vaporizers is their discretion compared to classic methods of using cannabis. Vaporizers have one more advantage over the traditional form of smoking – they are much more efficient. With traditional smoking, only 25% of active substances get into our body, while with vaporization it is up to 60-80%. Vaporization is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. We need much less drought to achieve the same effect. Vaporizers allow for microdosing as low as 0.05 g, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy and health.




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