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Here is a new product from Flowermate – The Cap PRO Vaporizer.

The CAP PRO vaporizer offers advanced technology and definitely greater efficiency
compared to its predecessor.

Flowermate Cap Pro Vaporizer – Discreet and Efficient

The housing of the CAP PRO is made of Polyoxymethylene and aluminum, making the device
it is both durable and lightweight. It is only 105mm high which makes it perfect
a compact device in the palm of your hand. Thanks to a powerful 2000 mAh battery
The Flowermate CAP PRO vaporizer is able to reach the desired temperature from
148 ℃ -230 ℃ in 30 seconds. Combined with its small size, we can discreetly and
quickly indulge in a vaporization session.

New vaporizer technology

An OLED screen will also appear on this model. It allows you to quickly and easily control the range
temperature in the vaporizer and more precisely determines the state when the chamber has reached the temperature
target. The mouthpiece in the vaporizer is mounted on the principle of a strong magnet that
stops the mouthpiece from detaching itself from the rest of the vaporizer. It can be fully
disassemble in order to thoroughly clean the vaporizer. Another unique

Flowermate Cap 2

an aspect of this mouthpiece is a specialized air path with zirconium oxide insulation,
is designed to cool the vapor before inhaling it. Isolated path
air provides the purest flavor of herbs.
The Flowermate CAP Pro vaporizer kit includes:
Flowermate Cap
USB Type-C charger
Cleaning kit and rammer
Spare screens
Manual user instructions

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