Flowrolls Activated Charcoal Filters 6mm White – 50pc

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Flowrolls Activated Charcoal Filters – Breathe in Purity

Discover a new era of filtration with Flowrolls activated charcoal filters – an innovation that will change the way you think about clean smoke. Our filters are created for those who do not want to compromise between quality and the purity of each inhalation.

Purity and Coolness in Every Inhalation

Flowrolls are more than just filters. They are a promise of a cleaner, smoother experience for you and your loved ones. The core of each filter, made from activated coconut charcoal, effectively reduces harmful substances before they reach your lungs. This ensures that every breath is not only cleaner but also fuller in flavor.

Moreover, it also adds an additional layer of protection, making the inhaled smoke cooler and less irritating to the throat and esophagus. This reduces the potential for coughing and enhances the pleasure of consumption!

Innovation Based on Nature

Utilizing the power of activated coconut charcoal, Flowrolls activated charcoal filters are at the forefront of the fight against impurities. Coconut charcoal, known for its exceptional filtration properties, can absorb and neutralize harmful substances, providing unmatched cleanliness and freshness.

Easy to Use, Hard to Forget

Our filters are designed with user convenience in mind. Thanks to their perfect sizes and shapes, they fit most standard sizes of rolling papers. Easy to use, but hard to forget – that’s the impact you’ll achieve with Flowrolls activated charcoal filters.

Use More Than Once!

Although it is recommended to change the filter after each use, we are fully aware that cannabis users often prefer to spend their money on other goodies – be it herb or a new vaporizer from our store! In tougher times, it’s perfectly fine to use the same filter a second time 🙂

Join the Clean Smoke Revolution

Don’t wait, join the thousands of satisfied users of Flowrolls activated charcoal filters and feel the difference from the first use. Order today and breathe in purity like never before. Your lungs will thank you!

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