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The TinyMight 2 vaporizer is characterized by its advanced convection heating system with two main modes of operation – session and on-demand. Thanks to its ability for rapid extraction, it allows the full utilization of the herb in just a few moments. Its heating chamber has adjustable capacity, allowing for both microdosing and standard use, with a maximum load of approx. 0.2 g. Temperature adjustment is done using a dial located at the bottom of the device, ranging from 120 to 240°C.

Breathtaking Vapor!

TinyMight 2 astonishes with unparalleled vapor quality, which is not only dense but also rich in aroma. Its excellent quality, combined with the built-in steel cooling unit in the mouthpiece, guarantees unique experiences. Although the vapor can be a bit hot at higher temperatures, its overall quality distinguishes TinyMight 2 from competitors.

Powerful Source of Energy

The heart of TinyMight 2 is an impressive 75W heating element made of stainless steel, which rapidly reaches the desired temperature – in just 3 seconds. Powered by a replaceable 18650 battery, the vaporizer offers outstanding performance and longevity. Moreover, TinyMight 2 is compatible with the USB-C port and allows for fast charging in less than 45 minutes (using a dedicated charger, sold separately). The only downside might be the lack of a display, meaning interaction with the user occurs through an LED light and vibrations.

Package Contents:

TinyMight 2 Vaporizer
55mm glass tube
Cooling unit
Molicel P26A or P28A battery
80mm titanium tube
Spare parts set with seals and screens
USB-C to USB-C charging cable
Protective case
User manual

For those looking for an even deeper vaporizing experience, consider pairing the TinyMight 2 with a bubbler. This accessory provides additional moisture and cooling of the vapor, ensuring a gentler draw and an enhanced flavor profile. Whether you’re a seasoned vapor user or a newbie, combining TinyMight 2 with a bubbler promises an unforgettable session.


Q: How is the TinyMight 2 different from its predecessor?
A: The TinyMight 2 has undergone significant improvements in terms of design, functionality, and performance based on feedback since 2019. This includes a better choice of wood, size, and several updated features such as battery cover, multi-tool, and improved electronics.

Q: Is the TinyMight 2 suitable for concentrates?
A: Absolutely! TinyMight 2 has an “On-Demand Beast Mode” perfect for concentrates, offering a temperature jump to the “12” level.

Q: Where are TinyMight products manufactured?
A: Wooden parts are processed and finished in Helsinki by a local carpenter, while the electronics are assembled in Finland by an assembly house certified for medical device production.

Q: What’s included in the basic package?
A: The package contains the TinyMight 2 device, a 55mm glass tube, cooling unit, battery, 80mm titanium tube, spare parts set, charging cable, protective case, and user manual.

Q: How can I ensure the longevity of my TinyMight 2?
A: The device was designed with durability in mind. Nevertheless, regular cleaning and maintenance, as per the provided user manual, are crucial for optimal results.

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