USB-C “SuperCharger” for Mighty+ and Venty

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Charge your vaporizer quickly and efficiently with the innovative USB-C “SuperCharger” from the renowned company Storz&Bickel. This powerful wall charger offers an impressive output of up to 45W (15V @ 3.5A), enabling rapid charging of your device. It’s the perfect solution for vaporizer users looking for a reliable and quick way to charge their device.

Designed for user convenience, the charger is equipped with four interchangeable plugs, making it extremely practical for international travel. With this feature, you can effortlessly charge your device no matter where you are.

The “SuperCharger” is compatible with all vaporizers that use USB-C charging, but it is specially designed for the Mighty+ and Venty models. A unique feature of this charger is the ability to use the Mighty+ while it’s charging, as well as ultra-fast charging to 80% battery capacity in just 40 minutes, a revolutionary solution in the world of vaporizers.

The set includes:

– USB-C “SuperCharger” charger,
– EU plug (type C) – perfect for use in Europe,
– UK plug (type G) – for use in the United Kingdom,
– US plug (type A) – suitable for the United States,
– AU plug (type I) – intended for use in Australia.

By choosing the USB-C “SuperCharger” from Storz&Bickel, you ensure quick and convenient charging of your vaporizer, wherever you are.

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