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V-Tower is a stationary vaporizer from the Canadian company Arizer Tech, widely recognized as one of the most optimal when it comes to value for money. This solidly made device provides very satisfying inhalations, while at the same time falling in three zeros in terms of cost. The steam produced by V-Tower is characterized by very high quality, and its enormous efficiency allows you to effectively reduce your herb expenses. We highly recommend it to people who are considering buying a good stationary vaporizer but do not want to invest four-digit amounts in it (for example, we recommend Volcano vaporizers).

To make the device as durable and efficient as possible, its manufacturers focused on vertical design and used components of the highest quality. The V-Tower has a double-layered stainless steel casing with a chrome finish that protects against heat generated during vaporization – the device can then be easily touched. The chamber inside the vaporizer is covered with non-toxic insulation separating the heating element from the material. Inhalation takes place using a silicone hose made of non-toxic plastic completely safe for health and in no way spoiling the taste of the vapor produced by the vaporizer. The tube rotates 360 degrees around the V-Tower, so you can easily pass it during group sessions. The mouthpiece is made of glass resistant to high temperatures and can be replaced.

For its price, the V-Tower produces a pair of stunning quality. It also offers a very wide temperature range, between 40 and 260 degrees Celsius, as well as its fine adjustment with an accuracy of 1 degree, which allows to bring out the nuances of flavor from vaporized herbs. However, we advise against using temperatures higher than 230 degrees, as they may ignite the herbs. Unfortunately, the V-Tower glass heating chamber must be filled with a large amount of dried material – at least 0.4g. While this is not a problem in social situations, it can be a drawback with one-man inhalations, if you do not want to consume such a large number of herbs. Fortunately, this equipment has an alternative inhalation method, i.e. elbow-pack (stud elbow fitting). Instead of the glass heating chamber inside the device, the dried material is studded into the strainer, which is located in the glass elbow at the end of the silicone hose. This solution requires the use of only 0.1g of herbs, which makes the V-Tower very economical and can be successfully recommended for one-man inhalations. However, it does not have the balloon inhalation function available in Extreme Q 6.0, another vaporizer by Arizer Tech.

The V-Tower heater heats up relatively soon – it takes about 2 minutes to reach the set temperature. However, it is recommended to wait until the glass elements of the device warm up (10-15 minutes), so that they cannot cool the passing air before it reaches the drought and thus reduce the efficiency Vaporization. The device has a readable LCD screen with blue text that makes it easy to adjust the temperature. It also has a built-in automatic shut-off function that can be set to 2 or 4 hours. It is not adapted to the vaporization of tobacco and tobacco products.

In the set:
– V-Tower vaporizer;
– power supply;
– snake with a mouthpiece;
– strainers;
– V-Tower Vaporizer cleaning device;
– Potpourri cap;
– user manual.

Vaporization is an alternative for anyone who cannot imagine life without the benefits of using hemp or other dried plants. Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients from the herb, in the case of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC and many more. Thanks to that, the combustion process does not take place, thus we get rid of all tar substances. For this reason, our inhalation is much healthier. Another advantage of using vaporizers is their discretion compared to classic methods of using cannabis. Vaporizers have one more advantage over the traditional form of smoking – they are much more efficient. With traditional smoking, only 25% of active substances get into our body, while with vaporization it is up to 60-80%. Vaporization is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. We need much less drought to achieve the same effect. Vaporizers allow for microdosing as low as 0.05 g, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy and health.





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