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The DaVinci IQ vaporizer offers you uncompromised relaxation during inhalation, which has been scientifically proven to be a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Aimed at both everyday smokers and those who make this pleasure happen occasionally. DaVinci IQ is distinguished by a very elegant, minimalist design and the use of the latest technologies to ensure you comfortable use.

Discover this perfect taste

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer is equipped with a mouthpiece that ensures perfect vapor purity and absolutely unchanged taste of your favorite cartridge. The highest quality materials used in its production and the unique design of the mouthpiece shape ensure the same quality and taste of steam at every stage of vaporization.

The device emits large clumps of silky steam, which does not irritate the throat and tastes equally good every time. Thanks to such solutions, the vaporizer offers you the highest quality of inhalation and relaxation that you expect during inhalation with selected herbs.

Intelligent work in the style of DaVinci

A dedicated Bluetooth smartphone app provides device control from your phone. IQ Smart Path is a modern technology, thanks to which you can adjust the device’s operating mode to your current needs and the input you use. With the help of the application you can precisely set the heating temperature in the range of 120-221 ° C.

There are 4 vaping options to choose from, which your DaVinci IQ will choose the optimal temperature for each session. The device offers three automatic modes of operation: Smart, Boost and Standby. You can choose them to your inhalation rate and individual needs. Boost and Standby are modes designed for situations when we need quick action. In Smart mode, the vaporizer will heat the refill as you breathe in. This significantly affects the comfort of use of the device and makes inhalation occur naturally and is adapted to your pace.

The highest quality of performance

The DaVinci IQ vaporizer was made of the highest quality materials, as evidenced by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. The elegant housing hides an extremely durable ceramic chamber for the drought, thanks to which its operation is extremely easy. To make the device even more user-friendly, a small and handy tool for mixing the cartridge is cleverly hidden under the mouthpiece. The zirconium steam path is also ceramic, which ensures this unsurpassed purity of vapor flavor.

A replaceable 18650 battery is also a convenient solution – you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge, just replace the battery and the device is ready for 90 minutes of operation. The built-in 350 mAh battery, after 3 hours of charging, offers another 180 minutes of continuous heating

A design that impresses

DaVinci IQ is a discreet and very elegant device that always lies well in your hand. You can choose from four beautiful housing colors: Copper – Copper, Black – Black, Gunmetal – Dark Gray and Blue – Blue. All the colors are kept, which makes them perfectly match the latest trends. The housing is decorated with a display built of 51 soft LED lights. Along with the DaVinci IQ vaporizer you get a rich set of additional equipment: a USB charging cable, a practical dried capsule, a mouthpiece designed to be also a bong adapter and a cleaning kit for the device. Operation of the vaporizer is intuitive and very pleasant. If you are a fan of relaxing inhalations, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer will provide you with a premium experience.


  • IQ Vaporizer
  • 3500 mAh battery
  • USB cable
  • Wipes
  • Brush
  • Dried capsule
  • A mouthpiece that also works as a bong adapter
  • Instruction Manual

Vaporization is an alternative for anyone who cannot imagine life without the benefits of using hemp or other dried plants. Vaporization is a way to release the active ingredients from the herb, in the case of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD, THC, THCC and many more. Thanks to that, the combustion process does not take place, thus we get rid of all tar substances. For this reason, our inhalation is much healthier. Another advantage of using vaporizers is their discretion compared to classic methods of using cannabis. Vaporizers have one more advantage over the traditional form of smoking – they are much more efficient. With traditional smoking, only 25% of active substances get into our body, while with vaporization it is up to 60-80%. Vaporization is an investment that will pay for itself quickly. We need much less drought to achieve the same effect. Vaporizers allow for microdosing as low as 0.05 g, which is perfect for people who value efficiency, economy and health.





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