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The Xmax V3 vaporizer has two vaporization modes: Session Mode and On-Demand Mode. Mode session a session for 4 or 6 minutes. On-Demand mode allows you to allow the vaporizer immediately occurred during the training. Can warm up to 180 ℃. Without winning, no pair will be created – so the champion will not he wastes drought. It allows you to vaporize. To facilitate cleaning, the mouthpiece is equipped with a scraper tool – X MAX V3 PRO Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can be removed for thorough cleaning. (The mouthpiece should not be clean while our vaporizer is working).

Characteristics of the Xmaxx V3 Pro vaporizer:

– well-made aluminum body,

-new convection technology,

– compactness,

-variable work mode: session mode and on-demand mode,

-variable working session time: 4 minutes and 6 minutes,

– replaceable battery cell 18650 3.7V 2600mAh

– charging via USB-C,

-insulated air path,

– a dedicated tank for concentrate vaporization,

Xmax V3 Pro 2 Dimensions:


-large OLED screen.

Xmaxx V3 PRO Vaporizer Kit Contains:

– Xmax V3 Pro vaporizer,

– chamber for concentrates,

– USB-C cable,

– cleaning brush,


– four alcohol swabs to clean the chamber,

-three cotton balls


Black, Silver, Veri peri

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