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Bee good. Do good. Bee Happy.

Conscious life begins with little things and often brings great changes with it. Did you know that wild bees make an important contribution to pollination and thus to ensure the survival of many plant species? As a producer of organic teas, we care about preservation of the intact natural environment. We have created this unique one tea to support the wild bees to whom we owe so much and are endangered. Its recipe is based on plants, which are the favorite food source of the wild bees, and after flowering their inflorescences go to this mixture.

Ayurvedic herbal, fruit and flower tea Ingredients: peppermint * (30%), apple *, chamomile flower * (14%), licorice *, hibiscus white *, rosemary *, sage *, lavender flower * (2.5%), thyme *, yarrow *, oregano *.

* from organic farming

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