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The Fenix ​​2.0 vaporizer is a new and significantly improved version of its predecessor, Fenix. The Fenix ​​2.0 vaporizer boasts a new, patented AIR HEATING convection heating technology and a large display that will display all the information necessary for you.

Thanks to the AIR HEATING system, your herbs are evenly heated, which leads to better effects of your inhalation, another addition is the completely isolated steam path made of stainless steel and a special cooling system for the air channel.

These are the things that make our steam taste great, because the steam is nowhere in contact with the electronic components. One of the major changes compared to its predecessor is a very durable 4400mAh battery that allows you to work up to 75 minutes, but we can fully charge it in less than 2.5 hours. The large OLED display makes it easy for us to set the temperature in the range of 160-220 and the timer, which also has the ability to calibrate from 180 – 420 J seconds.

Summary of improvements:

-Innovative convection heating system AIR HEATING®

– Warm-up time is 30 seconds

– Insulated air path duct made of stainless steel 

– 4400mAh large battery

-Fast charging technology

– only 2.5 hours

– 0.96 inch OLED display

-Timer with advanced settings

-Replaceable herb chamber made of titanium

Set contains:

-Fenix ​​2.0 Vaporizer

-Cleaning brush

– Whisking tool

-Titanium drying chamber

-Chamber removal tool

-USB cable

-Cleaning tissue

-User manual

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