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The Volcano Classic Digital Convectional Vaporizer will provide you with many relaxing moments while inhaling your favourite plant-based cartridge. Your chosen herbs will be heated to the optimal temperature and the pure steam produced by the device will provide your body with valuable active ingredients. Such a form of using the beneficial effects of herbs is free of toxic substances that are formed during the smoking process.

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A well-thought-out system of heating herbs and closing the vapor in a sealed bag guarantees high quality inhalation. The device heats up for about 3-5 minutes, with the help of hot air, which flows through the heater, the herbs are evaporated. Then always the same amount of vapor is transferred to a bag made of high quality plastic. The bag is equipped with a sealed valve and a mouthpiece, which only releases steam when it is pressed.

The undoubted advantage of this solution is the fact that you can take the sealed bag with you anywhere and use it whenever you want, because the steam can be safely stored in it. This way you avoid smoke with a strong and unpleasant smell. Using the bag is easy and very comfortable. Its capacity is sufficient for 50 to 100 pulls depending on your pace and intensity of inhalation.

High quality is in simplicity

The device is made of durable and safe brushed metal, which makes it resistant to high temperatures. In the production of the vaporizer, high quality materials are used, which do not cause any changes in the taste of vapor. They also ensure long life of the vaporizer. Volcano Analog Solid Valve combines the power of a stationary vaporizer with the advantages of mobile devices. Thanks to Easy Valve balloons, which you can fill up at home and take your inhalation with you, it will take place where you want and how you need it. The steam contained in the sealed balloon can be stored for several hours without changing its power and taste.

The temperature range offered by the Volcano is from 40 °C to 230 °C, you set it using the analog knob on the body of the device. When the Easy Valve balloon is filled, the vaporizer automatically switches off, so it is completely safe to use.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer with Easy Valve kit

The Volcano Classic Analog is available with a wide range of accessories. By choosing this option you get as many as 4 Easy Velve balloons with mouthpieces and one with adapter. In addition, the kit includes an Easy Valve Drying Chamber, 3 chamber clip and ring, a cleaning brush. If you also prefer waxes and concentrates, the Liquid Pad is included. In addition, a high quality Storz & Bickel grinder and a Volcano air filter kit. This configuration of the Volcano Easy Velve set will satisfy the needs of every lover of vaporization. The Volcano Digital Vaporizer with the Easy Valve kit offers very concentrated, pure vapor. The respiratory-gentle steam contains the maximum concentration of active ingredients. Volcano is a comfortable and satisfying vaporization not only at home. No more biting smoke, coughing and unpleasant smell – vaporisation is a clean and healthier alternative. You can vaporize your favorite herbal dries and concentrates, which gives you complete freedom and emphasizes how user-friendly Volcano Classic is.

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